get a look at me and how pretty I am

Here I am still enjoying all the perks of mommy’s belly. In here it’s an all-you-can-eat kind of place with lots of neat things listen to. I’m always nice and warm and nobody looks at me funny as I dance to the music outside. I am still learning after all.

 another view of me

My daddy tells me that he could see me in here when a techn-… tech-nol… well, this girl who was using some paddle thingy to get a look at me while I was growing. Maybe that’s what that strange noise was all about this one day. I sat and just stared at the ceiling for over an hour ’cause I just wanted it to go away! Daddy tells me that mommy imaged really well, whatever that means. He says that’s when they could see me in here and they could tell all about me even though they didn’t come in to meet me. I don’t know whether to believe him or not because he seems to exaggerate sometimes.

 the first scrapbook footprint

I recall something about a scrap-book. Why anybody would keep a book full of garbage, I just don’t know. But the ultras… the girl with the paddle thingy said to me that she would be done with just a picture of my foot. When I heard that I laid the boots to that thing. “What do ya think of that?” I asked. And then it was over and all was calm again.

 mommy's tummy while I was living there

Daddy says this is how mommy looked while I was in her tummy. Mommy says I took up so much room that she couldn’t even eat as much as she used to. She also says I was pretty heavy, but I don’t know about that. I bet she’s a lot heavier than I ever was! Anyway she doesn’t look like that now. I gave her heartburn a lot, too—so they tell me. But who are you gonna believe? I’m a good girl you know.

Come and meet me and I’ll show you around my crib. You can get a sneak peek of it and more of me by jumping around my fancy website. See you soon!

these are a few of
my favourite things