burping Charlotte during a portrait attempt

Olivia and Charlotte are supposed to be posing for a photo at Harvest Barn in Niagara-on-the-lake, but burping Charlotte seems to be Olivia’s main focus.

 playing around with a drinking cup at the cottage in Tobermory

As Olivia grows she learns more of life’s most necessary skills, like vacuum-holding a cup over your mouth for the fun of it.

 holding Charlotte's fingers for the fun of it

Olivia is a big sister and loves to engage Charlotte and hold her whenever she can. In the photo, Charlotte has been on the outside fewer than 12 hours.

 In the shower Olivia loves to play, when she's not tired

Olivia loves baths and showers and even when she is tired will likely agree to be thrown into the water.

 Christmas was a whirlwind but when it comes to gifts Olivia is always ready

Christmas time was a tasmanian devil-type season this year and we all were quite tired by the second day, but Miss Olivia was always ready for gift opening when the times came.

 Jackson seemed a little dry, apparently

When you get dry skin there’s nothing better than a moisturizing cream full of goat’s milk to soothe your troubles away.

 Olivia testing out her new boots

Olivia has a new pair of rubber boots—words which she enunciates very well—and she loves to tell us about them, naming them repeatedly as though there is great pleasure in saying the words.

 ice cream rules and a cone is optional

At a gathering of friends in Dunnville Olivia was offered an ice cream cone. After a day of swimming, trying to be friendly with timid cats and playing with Luke, that ice cream didn’t last long!

 A birthday party hat turns Olivia into a garden gnome!

At Tabatha’s impromptu birthday party Olivia turned into a garden gnome by wearing the party girl’s hat!

 after figuring out the spray nozzle Olivia went to watering plants

After a couple of misfires involving a high level of saturation Olivia managed to all but master the art of using a spray nozzle. When asked to water the plants she happily complied, honing her newfound skill.

 enjoying life sometimes means stopping to smell the flowers

When Olivia chooses to stop and smell the flowers, she really gets her nose into it.

 jumping around and playing with friends is what life's all about

Jumping up and down—but mostly falling down—with Kelsey proved great fun for Olivia.

 getting out into the garden is fun

Time to plant some peas in the garden.

 when we make strawberry shortcake there is lots to go around

When we make pies, muffins or even strawberry shortcake there is no such thing as a small portion. Olivia ended up eating most of her three-layer cake, believe it or not!

 no shoe is too large for Olivia's adventure treks

When it is time to travel Olivia makes short work of it with larger shoes.

 Olivia's fascination with the pasta containers blossoms to conga drumming

Olivia loves to take down the pasta containers from our kitchen rack. She will open them and attempt to eat the dried pasta noodles before we take away her chance. Drumming upon the containers is perfectly acceptable and she shows us how it’s done.

 if the present is too big to reach the top, just climb it and you're there

Unwrapping them is the best part of getting gifts at this point in Olivia’s growth. When she cannot reach the top she will climb it so she can.

 unwrapping gifts is happiness  chillin' at my crib

Olivia considers hats as play things most of the time but she can be convinced to leave them on her head on occasion.

 at nearly 16 months of age Olivia still loves the shower best

Bath time is usually very much fun for Olivia. She likes to play with toys and splash about in the water. Often she drinks the water whether it’s soapy or not and she indulges in sucking on shampoo and body wash bottles—even moreso when she gets some out to taste! But the shower still reigns supreme. Turn on the shower and it is just Olivia’s version of paradise.

 mastering drinking from all types of bottles is a good skill to learn

Talented Miss Olivia has mastered drinking from any type of bottle. Even when the bottle is empty there’s still room for practice.

 Olivia loves ravioli and most other types of pasta with sauce  getting rid of the last bits of ravioli can be challenging and fun

When most kids are finished eating they tend to play with their food. Olivia is no exception to this rule but she sometimes goes the extra mile to finish the food, or at least get it out of sight.

 Miss Olivia's first Oreo cookie tasting confirmed that she loves cookies

On Olivia’s first encounter with an Oreo cookie it was immediately obvious she had fallen hard for the creamy filling. It seems a life-long affair if her second encounter is any indication. She tried to separate the cookie herself but has not quite mastered that art; However there is no doubt she will request more cookies to perfect the process!

 at the pier in Port Dalhousie feeding ducks

The day we had a picnic at the pier in Port Dalhousie we brought a little extra for the birds. Olivia got some really close looks at the ducks which love to congregate in the area since people often have food to eat. We had one brave duck right beside us on the pier eating bread: It was no further than two feet from us on many occasions happily gulping down what we offered.

 Olivia sits on a bench at Zooz in Stevensville, Ontario

Our trip to Zooz in Stevensville, Ontario was very enjoyable for us. Olivia liked the splash park best. Of all the animals she saw there, the McCaws were her least favourite. When they squawked at her through the wire mesh of their cages Olivia became very upset. We’re not sure if she just didn't like the noise, if it scared her or perhaps there was another reason behind it: Her tears explained it all well enough at any rate.

 Olivia really enjoys splashing about in a water  Olivia is a clown sometimes and this photo illustrates that well

Of course during our trip to Zooz we had to capture the requisite photo of Olivia as a hippopotamus.

 A lasagne noodle makes for great fun and good eats

When we made lasagne for Olivia we had leftover noodles. Until she let it slip into her lap, Olivia was getting on pretty well and even managed to tear off a few bits to eat. Sadly the noodle never survived the fall, for when Gryffin saw it drop he was right there to snatch it from Olivia’s lap.

 Olivia absolutely loves to be under a warm shower of water

Olivia has always had a natural affinity to water. She does not like to be dunked underwater in a pool because she cannot yet hold her breath without swallowing some of the water. Having a shower is a whole other story; She can amuse herself in the tub for a good half hour if you let her.

 a citric hat of sorts

Some pumellos are so dry they are barely worth eating, so instead we made a fashion accessory for Miss Olivia.

 Olivia never knew these things existed but now knows they are good fun

Who can’t remember how much fun they had making silly noises with these springy doorstops? When Olivia discovered them she was fascinated. She will sometimes look for them when she is in different rooms.

 Grandpa needed help eating his birthday cake, so Olivia offered

Sometimes grandparents need a little help eating their birthday cakes; Or at least Olivia thinks so. Along with a few mouthfuls of birthday cake for herself Olivia offered grandpa a helping hand with his mouthfuls… And if you believe she was really trying to help, give us a call for a great deal on a house that floats!

 Daddy, Mommy and Olivia beside their first snowman of 2005

We’ve never constructed a snowman since Olivia arrived—the weather has not been great for the purpose until now, anyway—so we thought we ought to take advantage of the large fluffy flakes which covered the Niagara Region during the second weekend of 2005.

 Olivia loves to try to drink from cups - she has her own mug for the purpose

Olivia’s natural curiosity is likely what drives her to want what you’re having—especially if what you’re having is inside a glass, cup or mug! Now she has her own mug and whether there is anything in it or not she will dive right in as she loves to do whenever she sees any drinking vessel.

 Olivia holds her own bottle up to drink when she feels like it

When she feels like it Olivia can hold her own bottle up to drink from. Her coordination is far from perfect and her curiosity leads her to pull it out of her mouth many times a minute, but because she can also put it back in her mouth more often than not she can feed herself.

 before and after engaging her first ice cream sundae

Before and after Olivia’s first encounter with an ice cream sundae she was no worse for wear—she dove in repeatedly.

 olivia's first ride in daddy's volkswagen new beetle

Here’s proof that you can get a baby seat in the back of a New Beetle! One with a detachable base unit which stays in the car is the best option, else getting baby in and out takes several minutes each time.

 olivia meets some of daddy's colleagues

Olivia’s first trip in daddy’s car led to his workplace where she met lots of different people. Everyone she met was very happy to see her, including Laureen (above).

 at five days old olivia could hold her own head up off mom's chest

Mommy attributes it to her routine Yoga workouts during pregnancy, but whatever the means, Olivia could hold her head away from mom’s chest at just five days of age.

 some of olivia's cute parts

Part of what makes babies so darn cute is… well, their parts; and the miniature proportions of them.

 olivia fits so nicely in a large bread basket

After lunch one day there was this bread basket that sat empty on the table. A quick mental image, then the proof that she does fit perfectly inside.

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