While seeing the world or just chillin’ at my crib I meet loads of people.

 me and my mommy relaxing together

Of course, one of the first people I met when I got out into the world was my mommy. At the time she was all sweaty, and—don’t tell her I mentioned this—she smelled kinda funny! But I love her anyway because she takes care of all my needs and she loves me, too.

 daddy and I entertaining some guests

Then there’s my daddy—aka “pops.” He’s funny sometimes with those wacky clothes he wears. Mom says she changed his fashion sense for the better when they met, but I think it still needs some work! Dad and I like to hang together sometimes, but when I get hungry he just doesn’t have what it takes. I yell until he gives me to mommy and then I can eat.

 grandpa and grandma fraser holding me at the hospital

These two are my Grandpa and Grandma Fraser. They’re my mommy’s parents and they were both very excited to see me when I came into this world! Daddy says I’m their first grandchild and that’s why they are so happy to see me. All I know is they gave me neat things to wear when I met them so they’re all right with me!

 this is another grandma fraser holding me on the day we met

Mommy and Daddy are really confusing me… They tell me that this is Grandma Fraser, too! I already have a Grandma Fraser—I try to tell them but they don’t understand me. This Grandma Fraser is my Daddy’s mom, and I think she’s a barrel of fun. When we met she was also very happy to see me. I guess being a grandma is a special thing.

 i also met another grandpa fraser

This guy is another Grandpa Fraser, if you can believe that! Daddy says this one belongs to the second Grandma Fraser and that they are on his side of the family. Okay Daddy, listen up… I’m not gettin’ ya on this one… I’m only a few days old, ya know! When this Grandpa Fraser and I met he took lots of pictures of me and held me and grinned. I think he likes me!

 this is my grandpa gracey

Grandpa Gracey met me and was tickled pink! He held me and laughed and smiled. He seems like a jolly fellow. With all these grandpas around, I might just enjoy a little extra attention. How can I complain?

 my aunt cathy and cousins alyssa and mitchell

My two cousins, Alyssa and Mitchell, were very excited to meet me. They and my Aunt Cathy spent lots of time cuddling with me as they regaled with stories of when they were young.

 my uncle keith has a head-start on daddy

This is a new uncle you see here… my Uncle Keith is a daddy, too but he was never an uncle until I came along. So of course he’s very happy to meet me. But isn’t everyone?

 this is mum's and dad's friend, andre

André is one of mom & dad’s best friends. He whispered to me that he would like to have a child of his own someday. He was pretty happy to be holding me, I could tell!

 this is mum's and dad's friend, janice

Janice is André’s wife and also one of mom & dad’s best friends. The two of them were in mom and dad’s wedding party, I am told. I hope there were more than that, else it was not much of a party! Janice was happy to hold me also. Of course I can’t complain—I love to be held!

 mommy's maid of honour and her fiancee, taryn and lorne

Lorne and Taryn are soon to be married and they are great friends to mommy and daddy. Mom says Taryn was her maid of honour at her wedding. I wonder if that means she cleaned up after mommy when she made a mess?

 my great aunt diane and second cousin rachel

Great Aunts Colleen and Diane and 2nd cousin Rachel came to visit when I was ten days old. They were all very nice to me, even though I slept most of the time they were here! They brought really neat things for me to play with and dress up in. Mommy and Daddy had lunch with all of them and Grandma Fraser, too. Then I felt left out, so I awoke and demanded some lunch of my own.

 mommy's friend judy and I hanging out

I met one of mommy’s good friends, Judy. She and her sister came down to meet me and coo over me and we all had a great time. Mommy says Judy was a bridesmaid at her wedding. I guess all ya gotta do for that is dress up really nice and look pretty in front of hundreds of people… Well, I can do that!

 judy's sister jill wanted to take me home

Jill is Judy’s younger sister and is hoping for a little one like me to come along in the near future. She wanted to take me home, but I put up a fuss and cured her of that desire before she left. I’m rooting for ya, though, Jill… More playmates means more fun for me!

 santa and I having a brief gift-giving rap

I met Santa Claus in person—really! He and I rapped briefly about how I would like just about anything for Christmas because at this point in my life I am not fussy. So I will leave it to him to surprise me this year and I am certain he’ll not let me down.

 meeting with lennox the dog was a lot of fun

Lennox and I had a blast playing together. He is a loving and gentle dog belonging to our friends Meghan, Matt and Sarah. I met lots of other people at the same time but Lennox smothered me with kisses so I had to give a little back!

these are a few of
my favourite things