27 September 2007

 getting better at feeding myself all the time

Mommy and Daddy have always encouraged me to do things for myself and I think I am making pretty good progress, don’t you think?

06 July 2007

 climbing on a schoolyard playground

I wanted to take the dogs for a walk so I bugged Mommy and got the dogs onto their leashes. We went to a school where I quickly forgot the dogs and had some fun on the slides and climbing bars. I am a really good climber, you know!

9 June 2007

 swinging beside cousin mitch

My cousin Mitchell and I were swinging along merrily at the get-together for his and my other cousin Alyssa’s birthdays. I don’t remember how it happened but it happened quickly that I let go of the chains and promptly fell on my face! It was fun while it lasted.

10 May 2007

 I can blow bubbles on my own now

Warm weather is here again, and I love chasing bubbles around the yard. Daddy blows them for me and I pop them in my hands. Daddy also showed me how to do it, and now I can blow my own bubbles!

27 December 2006

 Just rolling some cookie dough with mommy

While mommy was baking cookies I decided to help out! Do you like my Charlie Brown-esque concentration pose?

30 October 2006

 Halloween pumpkin carving is fun

Carving a pumpkin with daddy for Halloween was a lot of fun… and messy… and fun! When the knife failed to produce desired results, daddy got out his Dremel tool and that’s the part I didn’t like very well.

22 August 2006

 I like to blow bubbles in my glass of milk!

I’m not sure but I think mum and dad are taken aback sometimes when I speak. Recently I have begun to copy things people say with aplomb. I also understand much of what is said during conversation.

This evening I asked for raisins. I had to ask many times because mommy was awfully slow to respond. Thinking maybe she could not find them I again asked, Want raisins? They’re behind you! Then mommy said most kids don’t understand direction at my age and I guess she thought that was pretty swell… I just wanted raisins, mom!

Oh yes and since I am going the bathroom on my potty pretty regularly now mommy and daddy are letting me do many things on my own. I like to drink from a regular cup and tonight I discovered how much fun it is to blow bubbles in my milk!

29 July 2006

 my 2nd birthday was a barrel of fun

I had lots of family and friends to share my second birthday party with. We had great fun swimming in the pool, playing and visiting. I received many great gifts, too, and this year no one needed to help me open them because I know exactly what to do!

1 July 2006

 I have moved out of my crib today and into a comfy bed

We went hopping all over the city looking at garage sales for a my new bed. I had a lot of fun playing with the baby toys at the house where we ended up buying this bed—and I grew very tired after so much playing!

I now sleep in my bed and get up when I want to. I even go to bed on my own if I am tired, but you can’t expect me to go to sleep right away, can you? I have fun piling the bed full of stuffed animals and toys, then jumping right on top to get my rest.

24 June 2006

 I need to try on my new underwear

Mom bought me new underwear so I can ditch the diapers and go to the bathroom on my own… But first, I need to figure out just how these things work!

As far as I can tell there is no magic behind these things. I still don’t make it to the potty on time so how is it that these things are supposed to help me grow up, I wonder?

18 June 2006

 My dad and me on Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day, dad!

I gave daddy a tie I made specifically for him and I think he liked it a lot. But the most fun was spending some time blowing bubbles. I’m not so good at it yet but Daddy is a bubble-blowing master! I will just have to keep trying to get bubbles that large, but until I do, the bubble mix tastes good, if nothing else!

14 May 2006

 My mom and me on Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day, mom!

I surprised her today by saying Tickle me! When mom asked Is Gryffin tickling you? that is how I responded. Dad said something about my switching of pronouns being why she was happy… It’s over my head, that’s all I know.

Now that I think of it, there are lots of words I know how to use now. Umm, how about these for a start?

I’m sure there are more, but those are all I can remember at the moment. I know lots of names, too but you get the idea.

9 February 2006

 I like to help feed the dogs - of course I must make sure the food is okay to eat!

I enjoy helping out around the house. Sometimes I clean the coffee table, the television, my high chair and other things with a cloth. Often I help feed our three dogs as well. You know, they eat pretty well the way I see it!

29 December 2005

 my first day on my potty was mildly productive

Last night mommy showed me this thing she calls a potty. Daddy tried to explain that it is a lot like the toilet they use but I don’t think of it that way. Just in case you’d like to know what I think of it, I peed on it today… did you notice the grin?

12 November 2005

 I am enjoying most of the smaller playground equipment as long as I can climb onto it

On our way to attempting a family self-portrait in the park I stopped at the playground. This horse was a little large for me but I still got a kick out of it.

22 October 2005

 I decided to try an apple on my own today

I tried an apple of my own accord today. Then I tried another one and finally a third before mommy and daddy asked me to concentrate on just one for the moment. I do my best but the skin still gives me trouble so I try to dispose of it discretely and hope the dogs are following closely to cover any evidence, should I need them to do so. I think I am doing quite well on my own here and it seems the dogs like to share apples with me; I don’t mind because we share toys and other foods too.

 I also don't mind sharing my apples with my pals

9 October 2005

 here I enjoy my first taste of a traditional Thanksgiving meal

Last year around Thanksgiving I was still very small. I suppose I got a taste of a modern North American turkey feast at that time through mom’s milk, but for all the soon-to-be toddlers out there I have to say you’ll not forget your first real taste of it when you get to solid foods. Thanksgiving was amazing and filled with great things like turkey with cranberry sauce, a savoury bread stuffing, fantastic gravy and potatoes, and pumpkin pie. If you haven’t experienced a pumpkin pie yet you’re in for a treat!

I think this year when Christmas comes I simply fall over with glee. What, with more turkey to feast upon and gifts, too? This year is my best ever!

13 August 2005

I see how the grown-ups do it and I want to do it too. That’s how it is these days and I’m putting my best foot forward… And then I put my other foot forward and that is how it all started. Now I fall down a lot when I try to walk but I don’t mind because it is not a long way to fall. It is a lot of fun to walk instead of crawl but the most fun is watching mom and dad light up when they see me doing it all by myself! They make a big deal out of it but I try to downplay it by crawling lots, too: I wouldn’t want them to think I am growing up too quickly.

 I can feed myself from my own bottle

25 May 2005

When Uncle Keith told us that my cousins both were holding their own bottles before me I got a little jealous. Once Daddy let me have a few tries at it I got the hang of it pretty quickly. In three days’ time I had mastered the process. Sipping cups still give me a bit of trouble but I know everything there is to know about baby bottles now!

10 May 2005

At first I wasn’t very active in the shower. Daddy usually held me under the water and I didn’t get much chance to do many things on my own. Now I am living large in the tub and I love to be right under the spray because it keeps me nice and warm. Daddy says there is a movie of me enjoying my shower time that everyone can watch… I’m not so sure I want everyone to see me in the buff though, Dad!

 olivia pulled herself up into this standing position inside the bath tub

9 April 2005

Daddy says I’m getting stronger because of all the things I can do for myself. Well, I did pull myself up into this standing position just now, so maybe he is onto something. I’m all about living and loving and I love to explore so that’s what I do as much as I can.

 olivia crawling around in her lop-sided manner

2 April 2005

Now that I can move myself around to get where I want to go I spend a lot of time crawling. It’s great to tear through the box of DVDs by the television, and even more fun to sneak up on the dogs and grab a mitt full of their soft fur. I love to play with Gryffin the best since he plays back.

Dad says you can watch me crawling around here somewhere… It’s not rocket science, Daddy—I’m just doing what I like to do!

 olivia in the fruit basket once again

14 March 2005

I remember the time daddy put me inside a fruit basket… I didn’t think much of it when he started loading in bananas and mangoes beside me but look at me now! I’ve definately outgrown this basket, just so you know, daddy.

 olivia is very limbre

21 February 2005

The tooth I have sitting in my mouth is not as useful as mommy and daddy promised. They said I could chew food with teeth and feed myself grown-up foods with teeth, and when I smiled I could show off my teeth to passers-by. I think my toes like me better without teeth.

I learned a new trick which made mommy and daddy very happy yesterday: I can now roll over from my back to my stomach and from my stomach to my back again! I don’t know why it makes them so happy but for me it’s all about getting around. I’ve got some tweaking to do with my technique, but the way I figure it I’ll be rolling around my whole house in no time. It is very exciting to be able to move from one spot to another, even if it is such hard work.

 a tooth has appeared in Miss Olivia's mouth

13 February 2005

For the ump-teenth time I’ve told mommy and daddy about this problem I have in my mouth; It’s really sore and there are bumps where there were none before. I can’t figure it out but I can tell you it hurts a lot. Still, since I’m such a trooper I don’t complain about it too often. But when I try to explain it to mum and dad in a rational manner, they just don’t understand what I am saying! Today daddy examined it thoroughly and took a photo for the record, whatever that means. He says it’s a tooth but that doesn’t help me at all: What I really want is for it to go away. But daddy assures me it is okay where it is and I am stuck with it from now on. He even says I will get more some day. We’ll see about that…

 olivia explores the wonderous kitchen faucet the best she knows how

1 February 2005

I can’t imagine what he was thinking… Daddy plopped me down into the kitchen sink with my clothes on! I was pretty sure it wasn’t bath time but I would not have complained. I figured maybe I'd get to splash around in the dish water again: I had tons of fun doing that a couple of days ago. But this time it was different. There was no water to be found and only the drain plugs and a scrub pad to keep me occupied.

Then it occurred to me that I had never really figured out this funny looking water spout before, so I tried to bite into it and learn what I could. No matter what I tried I could not get the thing to squirt any water out, but it was fun to play with just the same.

2 December 2004

I can now sit up and balance myself without much help. I still get very excited by things and I like to throw my torso backwards for the thrill of it all, so I can’t sit up without something behind me quite yet. But I do smile a lot and I have this strong desire to explore my surroundings. I don’t remember finding them so fascinating before, but now I wish I could stand up and walk—or even just crawl or roll around the floor to get me where I need to go. I often grab things and I can now put them into my mouth so that I can learn about them. Mommy and daddy help me get to different places around the house when I ask them to so that I can see what I’ve been missing. I also love getting my picture taken, and I love to be held and meet new people.

 olivia beaming with a huge smile

13 October 2004

Daddy finally caught me on film smiling up a storm. Mommy and Daddy are giving me more toys to play with and learn about. I have a small house where toys dangle from the ceiling and I like to bat the toys around with my arms and see how they move. I can see across a room now and I like to engage people with my bright blue eyes. I always win a staring contest! I am learning to use my hands better to hold things as well as move them around. Daddy says that the dogs will have to watch out for me soon as I may grab their fur and not let go for a while.

17 August 2004

This morning I think I shocked daddy. He began talking to me so I thought I might acknowledge him by turning to look at him as he spoke. Then he started talking to mommy and he asked her if I had ever done that before with her… Like it’s a big deal or something! Just for the record, dad, I know who you are and I’ve known your voice for much longer than you’ve known mine.

 olivia takes an interest in a toy kitty

8 August 2004

Today mommy presented me this kitty that makes funny sounds. I remember seeing it yesterday but I didn’t know what it was. Today I think it’s pretty cool. It krinkles and purrs and it’s brightly coloured. If all toys are this much fun then I’m gonna ask for more!

 olivia asleep on a nursing pillow

3 August 2004

I learned how to use my smiling muscles yesterday. Daddy still hasn’t taken a picture of it yet, even though I try hard to smile many times a day! I don’t think he has yet figured out that every time I smile I make a bit more of a mess in my diaper. He’ll catch on…

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