22 August 2007

 enjoying a toasted marshmallow from the camp fire

Our camping trip this year again lead us to Turkey Point Provinvial Park where I enjoyed some great food, including toasted marshmallows roasted over a camp fire of course. We had a good time and I enjoyed watching the squirrels, chipmunks and birds we found around our campsite.

19 July 2007

 olivia gets the chance to feed noah the giraffe

We visited Zooz today and saw some really great animals playing, eating and generally enjoying their day. When we visited the giraffe exhibit, Noah and Rainbow were being fed, and I got to feed Noah from the tall platform! He is even taller than Daddy, and he has a really purple tongue. Mommy took this photo just as I was dropping the leaves for Noah to munch on!

1 July 2007

You can watch this movie of me in full resolution by downloading the .mov (QuickTime) file.

Grandpa was very excited to have found a way to safely affix my car seat into his Ford Skyliner retractable. When he offered me a ride in it I had to accept. Despite the wind in my face blowing my hair all around, I still had fun.

15 June 2007

 these cows are in reality large dogs, if you believe miss olivia

Mommy, Charlotte and I visited Happy Rolph’s Bird Sanctuary in St. Catharines today. At first glance I told mommy these two were big dogs. She chuckled and lead me to believe they are actually cows!

14 May 2007

 Olivia enjoys helping take care of Charlotte, her little sister

When my little sister was born a couple days ago I already loved her. Tonight it was my first time helping to feed her before bed so she wouldn’t be hungry for a while.

14 February 2007

 Olivia's first taste of wine, 2002 Cab Franc icewine from Reif Estates

My Saint Valentine’s Day dinner with mum and dad included an unexpected bonus. Daddy taught me to look, swirl, smell, then sip the 2002 Reif Estates Cab Franc icewine in my glass. In the end I didn’t enjoy it, so daddy gleefully consumed my share.

10 December 2006

 Finding a great Christmas tree is a long hike through a forest of evergreen

Finding a great Christmas tree can be a lot of walking with inevitable burrs in your socks, scrapes on your knees, evergreen needles up your sleeves and of course soaking wet footwear when you don’t keep your eyes on the ground for tractor ruts full of water. Not for me though: I got to ride on daddy’s shoulders for most of the trip! That helped me avoid the pitfalls, and watch the pretty horses next door more easily.

12 August 2006

 my first camping trip was eventful and fun

For my first-ever camping trip I went to Turkey Point with mommy and daddy and our friends Steve, Leslie and Kelsie. It was a lot of fun. I got to sleep in a tent on an air mattress with mommy and daddy to keep me warm, and we had all kinds of great food cooked over an open fire. I think we ought to do this more often!

 I enjoy roasted marshmallows almost as much as plain ones

21 July 2006

 I really liked my visit to Tobermory

The second time I was ever in Tobermory I could finally walk on my own and do what I wanted… Well, okay I couldn’t do everything I wanted. I did have a lot of fun though. We went to the beach with grandma and grandpa and we ate lots of great food. I got to play in a shallow stream and chase frogs and crayfish. I saw lots of squirrels, chipmunks, dragonflies and butterflies.

 Canoes are pretty tipsy but I got used to it - maybe too used to it

Mommy and daddy even took me on a paddling trip to the edge of Lake Huron in a canoe. I tell you, canoes can be pretty tipsy. Eventually I got used to it though. On the way back I stood up so I could get a better view. And then it happened… I teetered on the edge of the canoe and tipped head-first toward the water! Daddy was close and he grabbed my pants to keep me from going in (thanks, dad!) I didn’t really like the canoe after that.

19 February 2006

 my first baby pageant went well

During my first baby beauty pageant I was unsure what I should be doing. The good thing is that mommy was there to guide me around and keep me from getting too nervous. Once I understood what was happening on stage I wanted to keep showing off my moves! I made several trips to wardrobe to change outfits and in the end I brought home more bling than I could carry, so it was worth the effort I think!

 my bling-bling after my first modelling contest

18 February 2006

 this bike is too large for me I think

Dad says this place is the Toronto International Auto Show. I say this bike is far too big for me, Daddy!

We walked and walked around this place for many hours and looked at all sorts of cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and even a couple of planes. I liked watching all the people and really got a kick out of posing in this shot for Grandma Fraser who is a Tony Stewart fan… Love ya, gramma!

 Grandma's not-so-favourite NASCAR racing celebrity and I hang out

29 December 2005

 Christmas number two was all about unwrapping gifts

The gifts themselves I could take or leave this Christmas season; the unwrapping of the gifts was the most fun for me! I got spoiled by grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts, cousins and friends—you name them, they were here or I was there to visit this Christmas. No matter how hard I tried, I could not stop unwrapping gifts! (Sorry, uncle Rob…)

31 October 2005

 for my second Halloween I was a cute butterfly

I went out for Halloween this year as a butterfly with beautifully-coloured wings and a hankering for sweet treats! Cousins Alyssa and Mitchell were planning on walking through Grandma and Grandpa Fraser’s neighbourhood so I said I would join them. After all was said and done we all had far too much candy to eat and I had worked up a large appetite. We all relaxed for a bit at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and I got my fill of Goldfish crackers.

31 July 2005

 for my first birthday party I was allowed to serve myself cake

When I began my second year of life in the world Grandma and Grandpa Fraser joined me at home to celebrate my birthday. Everything seemed normal except that there were gifts and cake to be enjoyed. Three days later and I was surrounded by family and friends who all wanted to see me help myself to another cake… so I did!

 Grandpa Fraser refinished this pedal car for me on my birthday

For my first birthday I got lots of very neat gifts including this shiny pedal car which Grandpa Fraser refinished just for me! There were some very nice clothes that I will grow into and some new toys to play with, there was a photo album just for me; But I had a lot of fun just playing with Great Grandma Fraser’s earrings.

 Great Grandma Fraser's earrings are a lot of fun to play with

26 June 2005

 my first trip to the zoo was eventful and fun

We visited this place Daddy called Zooz—I’d never heard of such a thing before. So I sat in my stroller while Mommy pushed me along to this place with a whole bunch of water and what looked to me to be toys that were made much too large to play with… But did I ever have fun at this place! I crawled around in the water pool and stood on top of water jets and got splashed and soaked to the bone. I even splashed Mommy a few times for good measure.

Well at this place there were also lots of animals—real, live ones, not like my collection at home—and we got to go around to see all of them.  McCaws screamed at me through their wire cages - I didn't like it at all I saw these birds which Mommy called McCaws and I thought to myself How pretty their colours; until they screamed at me through their cages, at which point I no longer thought highly of them at all!

I’m sure Mommy and Daddy walked around Zooz for hours but I was comfortable in my stroller and got a good nap in as well. I can highly recommend this place so long as you get chauffeured around as I did!

26 December 2004

 my first Christmas was a lot of fun

A bit of a whirlwind, this Christmas thing seems to me, but I am having a blast. Lots of people to see and they are all giving me things in wonderful boxes wrapped in colourful papers. I like putting the bows on my head!

 Eeyore and I played together briefly on Christmas day

I received many neat toys and a new high chair and a car seat… and this thing Daddy calls a Snugli. He says we will go climbing and tramping together with it and I won’t have to do any of the work! Okay Dad, whatever suits you. I also got lots of neat toys to play with and some brilliant clothes to wear. I really enjoy this Christmas thing, but could I speak my mind I might ask just one thing of everyone—tone down the picture-taking, okay? Just a little. Thanks, luv ya, bu-bye!

31 October 2004

 my very first Halloween costume and I'm looking fine!

Today I went trick-or-treating with mommy. Feedings are now very sweet because some of our neighbours gave me lots of candy. I can’t eat candy yet, of course. But mommy ate some for me so I still get the benefits! Next year I plan on being even cuter in a different costume, and maybe I can eat the candy myself. We also visted Grandma and Grandpa Fraser for dinner. Grandpa took this cute picture of me so you could see what I looked like on my very first Halloween.

5 September 2004

 here I am sleeping during a sheep show at the Smithville Fair

Today was my first trip to a fair. There were sheep and cows and horses and some people brought their dogs, too! There were rides and games and food and drinks. Shows of arts and crafts and foods and animals made the day eventful. But mostly I was tired and slept the day away!

28 August 2004

 my cousin Dave holds me at my first wedding experience

This day was my cousin Tania’s wedding day, and my first wedding experience. The day started off rainy and dreary, then the skies cleared and the sun shone brightly. It was a great day and everyone looked their best. I was introduced to many family members including cousin Dave, who held me for hours.

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