I love playing in a pool of water

Until my big sisters splash me, I love to play in a pool of water. Bath time is fun, too, but there is something more refreshing about being under the sun on a nice day and in the pool.

 a picnic in the park is a great way to spend a May afternoon

Mommy had me pose for some photographs in the grass at the McFarland House along the Niagara Parkway.

 when my hands are occupied I can still carry things

Crawling is important business but I still need to be able to carry things along the way.

 I can feed myself but it is a messy proposition

Who are you calling a messy eater?

 I usually hold my own bottle now until I reach the end of the liquid

As soon as Daddy came home to watch me grow he left me alone with my bottle. Talk about a way to develop poor habits, dad! Anyway, maybe he had a plan. I can feed myself from a bottle now, and grandma just has to keep me from falling off the couch.

 I occasionally hold my own bottle up

For short periods of time I like to practice my motor skills and impress mom by holding my bottle.

 I am still not ready to sit up on my own

No, they did not feed me alcohol and this isn’t the morning after… They just insist on trying to get me to sit up on my own without help from anyone. It is too hard, folks. I am not even a month out of the gate so do not expect much okay?

 Check me out - I am sitting up in a chair

While my neck is getting stronger by the day and I can hold my head steady and look around for extended periods of time, I still cannot quite sit up on my own. The corner chair I am sitting in helps out a lot for photos like this one.

 Here I am deep in thought

Mommy thinks it was a fluke, but I found it quite comfortable with my hands interlocked like this.

 I enjoyed a nice long sleep in mommy and daddy's bed

After all the effort involved in being born, I enjoyed a nice long sleep in mommy and daddy’s bed. Daddy says it wasn’t long at all, but it was for me, pops!

 the crew dat helped me bust outta the joint

Thanks be to this entire crew who helped me along to my first taste of the outside world. I can finally stretch!

these are a few of
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