02 April 2011

 I did not mind my first hair cut

I am the man! Check out my new hair cut. Does it not just scream cool? Yep, I was cool as a cucumber in that hot pink Barbie car while I drove around around and watched Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends on the toob. No more mullet for me!

22 April 2010

 I love to put socks and cloths in my mouth

I have found this novel stuff called cloth really fun to chew on! I like to take my socks off and chew on them. I like to grab the wash cloths mommy and daddy use to clean me up and chew on them too. I can even chew on my own feet! Now how many people can say that truthfully?

16 February 2010

 hairs cut

Mommy woke me up this evening. I guess she thought I was spending too much time sleeping. I was not mad, though. I am happy to see mommy. But, wait! What is this? Mommy looks different! Daddy, too. Wow! What happened to you guys? I see your ears and faces more. I see… Oh, that’s it! You have less hair.

Mommy says she is surprised by how much I notice changes around me. Trust me mom, it wasn’t that difficult to see you guys had hair cuts! But I guess at some point I would not have noticed such things, so mommy and daddy are pleased that I am so fond of their new looks. Well guys, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Remember you were surprised when I popped my first two teeth through at the same time? I am still just six months old. Keep watching and I shall keep amazing you.

11 January 2010

 okay, you cannot see my first tooth yet

I am a big boy now! I am getting my first tooth poking through my cute little gums. I know, you can’t really see it in the photo. It’s so small I barely know it is there, but mommy and daddy keep reminding me about it. Sounds neat, but what am I gonna do with a tooth? We shall wait and see what inventive things I come up with.

02 November 2009

 I will stare into your eyes until you melt

I think I am finally getting the hang of moving my appendages around. I still don’t know what they are all for or what I can do with them, but discovering my fingers and thumbs was quite a revelation! It is not perfection just yet, but I am learning to open my hands and close them around fingers, soothers and other things close to me. I seem to habitually remove my soother because I haven’t yet mastered this art, but it is coming along nicely, thank you.

The other thing daddy says about me is that I like to fixate on whoever is holding me. What did he say? Oh yeah, that I will stare into your eyes until you melt. All right pops, I’ll bite: What’s that supposed to mean?

21 September 2009

 I love comfy beds

Mommy says I am twelve pounds already, whatever that means. I know how to use my charm and sophistication to get what I need, whenever I need it. (All right, I scream a lot but it seems to work!)

This whole soother business has got me down, I tell you. They give it to me and I suck on it and am happy to do so. Then when I spit it out, they plug me up with it again! Can’t they take a hint? Honestly, I love that thing but I just can’t get the hang of keeping it in my mouth yet. I guess it’s gonna take some time before I master the art. Maybe I should try my thumb, if ever I find it.

21 August 2009

I am not quite a week old yet but I have reach my first milestone, of sorts. My umbilical cord fragment fell off today! I am so happy to not have that awkward tail sticking out of me any more.

 my first shower was nice

Daddy gave me my first shower this morning. What a neat thing that is! I am still not sure how it all works, but it was warm and wet and it made this soothing sound. We shall have to do this more often, dad.

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