i am inside the womb still but get a load of me

Ultra-what? How about a little privacy, man?

 my sex revealed at a party

I guess I’m lucky for having been invited to a reveal party before I was even born. But just where I thought I was safe from prying eyes, it turns out not to be true! How embarassing to learn my junk was on display when I had no way to hide it… And then you throw a party to tell everyone about it. Uncool!

 the birthing plan in action

I started crawling for the light pretty early in the morning, so mommy followed her plan to make everything right.

 my birthing pool

Here is the pool I enjoyed for a short time during my journey.

 my birthing pool buddies

It was a really gorgeous, sunny day outside when I was born, not much below freezing. I had cheerleaders eagerly awaiting my arrival. Not all my siblings were up for witnessing my birth, but watch closely girls, this is how it’s done, mostly to plan.

these are a few of
my favourite things