14 Jun 2015

Poor Finnigan has what appears to be a cold. He is stuffed up, coughing and gagging, but he seems not the slightest bit unhappy about the whole affair. He does have a bit of a hard time getting all his food in and keeping it there due to the other stuff interfering with his gag reflex. This of course also affects his sleeping, since he isn’t as satisfied for as long a time.

So what is a parent to do? Apparently, read him excerpts from Alice Steinbach’s Without Reservations. After lunch Finn was fussy and tired, but not willing to go peacefully, or alone. I started reading what I had cued up next on the e-reader. Aside from brief pauses as I replaced the soother between his lips, he stared at me quietly as I read from the book. Within 15 minutes I was drawn into the story, and he was fast asleep for the next 2.5 hours. Thanks, Madam S.


07 Jun 2015

One and one half months ago we visited the Toronto Zoo. Finn was two months old and had already developed a love for being carried close to Mommy for as long as possible.

Now over 3 months of age, he still sleeps longest when he is attached to Mommy via baby carrier, but he has grown so much in terms of his understanding of the world around him. He is paying close attention to people and other animals as they flit around his space. He follows with his eyes as far as he can, and likes to know he is not alone.

Finn has begun to play with toys and likes to play games with anyone who will indulge his limited understanding for even a few moments. It is a joy to see him smile, and he does so often, so long as he is well rested and has a full belly.

Did I mention he is also loved? Ella is a joker and fun-loving fan of her little brother. Finn just loves attention regardless if it comes attached to modelling a girl’s bonnet.

Finn has found that he likes to sit up. In a Bumbo chair he is pretty self-sufficient but even outside one, he is quickly learning to steady himself. He also tries often to raise himself from a laying position to a sitting one. Without the co-ordination and core strength he hasn’t managed that feat, but he is developing both daily. I have forgotten how long it takes to progress through all these stages even after four children who have already. It is a pleasure to see his satisfaction when he learns something new, and he is especially pleased when he sees that you know he has done it. Keep pushing, kiddo; You’ll get there.


28 February 2015

Yesterday—nice and early in the morning naturally—our fifth child decided he wanted to make his entrance into the world. We did not get our beauty rest, but wouldn’t you know, infants don’t pay attention to other people’s needs.

Due to the way things sailed smoothly along with his two newest siblings, Amy and I both thought Finn would just pop right out. Neither of us expected it to be as hard as it was when the first was born over a decade ago. But that is what it was: difficult. With hope, not a sign of things to come, but the difficulty did not stop with the slow dilation and drawn-out, painful contractions. Once his head was out, the rest was stuck by his broad shoulders.

Some heroics by our talented team of midwives and Olympic-calibre athleticism on Amy’s part—she nearly high-jumped out of the birthing pool—saw it through with a bit of extra manipulation and tugging. Finn was not worried in the slightest. All his blood was in his head from prolonged inversion, but after he began breathing air for the first time, he was not crying foul.

It took him some time to adjust, and then he found his voice and began bonding with his mommy in new ways and with much more room to soak it all in. Finn is a day old now, and it still amazes me that this miracle happens so often every day around the planet. Welcome to it, kiddo.


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