29 March 2015

 12.5 pounds i am

I’ve grown a bit in the month or so I’ve been out of the womb. About two pounds and some length too. From where I see it, my siblings are the same. Maybe they are growing too.

Olivia says I am the same but I know differently. I can hold my head up and look around where I want to. It’s still heavy and I get tired after a few minutes, but I remember only being able to hold it up for a few seconds, so that is progress, right? Baby steps…

01 March 2015

 my head feels better today

When I was born I am sure my head looked like a football, because it felt like one. Dad says I am looking more normal now as I can spread my limbs out and my head is not getting squished. The best part is my face is less swollen so I can open my eyes a lot wider and see things better now.

these are a few of
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