29 March 2015

 I like sleeping and will take it where I can get it

Sure, I’ve been places with my family. We went to shopping centres, food stores and restaurants, hair stylists, gourmet meals with mommy’s friends, and even a movie theatre (twice). But what I like best is sleeping. I need a lot of it and I will take any opportunity. So all those other experiences just fly by because if you look down, my eyes are probably closed.

01 March 2015

 oh I like soothers

I’m pretty new to the planet, so maybe you’ve already heard about these things called soothers. My first couple of days were all confusion, but I can tell you the world is a brilliant place now that I have a dummy in my mouth.

No question, I think everyone should have one of these. They’re the greatest things for when you’re having a bad day.

these are a few of
my favourite things