i am inside the womb still but get a load of me

Somebody’s been peeking in on me, I can feel it.

 inside mommy still and loving it

One day there was a whole lot of prodding going on. I heard voices and felt someone poking my feet, my legs, my arms and my head! (That person even poked places I’d rather not mention.) I don’t know who it is but let me tell you, when I meet that person we shall have words!

 I am still snuggled up in mommy's belly in this image

I get the feeling I’m not alone in here. It is a pretty noisy place. There are noises that are all around me, and then some that only happen in one spot. Some noises I can hear constantly—I have a hard time concentrating sometimes because of them. Other noises come and go. The best noises are the voices. I wonder who I will meet as I grow up.

 my name is Charlotte

This image makes me think our next baby is going to adore Jimi Hendrix. And while this little critter isn’t in a purple haze it sure is in a comfy spot for the next few months. Development of a perfect brother or sister takes a lot of time to get right, after all. Olivia seems to be right on board with this next arrival—she began today kissing mommy’s belly.

She also recognizes that it’s a baby in there by the ultrasound images. Her name of choice changes inconsistently—today it’s Shaw, so we’re having a boy. Tomorrow it may change to Lisa or Penny, but no one is set on anything yet! Watch this space for further updates and more images to come. We expect this little one in May 2007.

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