elephants blowing bubbles

 is this thing on right?

I’m bringing the 1960's back one photo at a time. Where is the set designer? This carpet just won’t work!

 I loved getting kisses from murray the dog

While at the farm for some lessons on making apple juice there was some time to greet the animals along the way.

 Can anyone help me operate this door handle thingy?

All I want to do is go outside. Is that too difficult for someone to help me with? I just cannot get this door handle thing to work!

 Olivia and I shared our ice cream cones so we could taste both flavours

When we went touring around the Haliburton area we stopped for dinner and had ice cream for dessert. Since Olivia got a different flavour than I did, we swapped so I could taste hers, and she mine.

 We sat on a huge red chair for photos at our parents' request

We also stopped at this neat place full of things to buy and a really nice doggy who greeted us inside the store. Then we posed for the obligatory tourist photo in the big red chair.

 Wearing daddy's slippers is fun, apparently

Daddy’s slippers are nice and warm. They look good on me too, don’t you think?

 Disney on Ice was a load of fun and I hope to go again soon

My first live spectator event was Disney on Ice in Hamilton, ON just before spring. I was awed and thoroughly enjoyed the show! I wonder when I will get to do it again.

 I was a flower girl for my Uncle Rob's wedding

I had a great day as a flower girl for my Uncle Robbie’s wedding.

 Daddy helped me climb this tree in grandpa's back yard

I am not yet very skilled at climbing trees, but daddy helped me clear the first hurdle.

 homemade skor bars went down a treat with me today

A bunch of my friends came to play with Olivia and me today and we had a lot of fun. We played by the pool, ran around the patio, climbed on things, ate hot dogs and bean salad. We also had these homemade chocolate, caramel and graham craker bars for dessert. As you can tell by my chocolately face they were mighty delicious—I had to have a second serving, of course.

 mommy dressed me up a bit and photographed me in my chair

I got some new clothes which mommy thought I might look cute in—you can be the judge on this one!

 happy little me in my chair

Sometimes I get excited—Daddy plugs his ears when my sister and I both get this way!

 I enjoy solid food so much that I often wear a bit of it

I am really enjoying solid food. Here you can see me eager to swallow a few more of those peas my big sister is feeding to me.

 I like this outfit, even if the hat makes me a tomato

Dressing me in a hat which turns me into a tomato must surely be mommy’s sense of humour showing itself; I don’t mind at this point though.

 I want some too, mommy

I would like to try some wine too, mommy! May I, please?

 from the veggie garden to the towel for comparison to zucchini

When you are just a wee bit taller than a zucchini squash you often do not mind being compared to them in a photograph!

 gryffin likes to lay on things that are soft

Gryffin likes to lay on soft things; Charlotte is no exception, it seems.

 just lounging around in a really comfy leather chair

When we visited our friend Rich’s house, Charlotte really enjoyed the big red leather chair.

 charlotte wearing shades with big sister olivia

Today was new sunglasses day for Olivia and Charlotte. Until now Charlotte had none that would fit her, so she is not quite sure what they are for.

 Charlotte's first bath

Technically she had been in the tub shortly after her birth, but for mom and Charlotte both that was bonding time. This time was the first bath for Charlotte, and she enjoyed the water but not all the fussing that comes along with being cleaned.

 Charlotte's Web for Olivia and Charlotte

Olivia chose a book for grandma to read to Charlotte.

 Charlotte was born in a really comfy spot at home

Charlotte was a long-term baby—she loved it in the womb and took her time deciding that she wanted more. Here she is with a few supporting players in her birthing role, staged at home.

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