01 June 2010

 I am watching my big sister play teeball

For my third birthday I had a wonderful party with family and friends. Then there were more things to enjoy. I go to gymnastics lessons with Olivia, and swimming lessons, too.

Here I am watching Olivia play teeball. I don’t get it, but I like hitting the ball and throwing it, too. My little brother Liam keeps me busy when Olivia is at school. I would like to go to school too, but it’s not my turn yet. When Olivia gets home we play all day and have lively discussions about it, too.

29 June 2009

 my new monkey mat is fun

I turned two not so long ago and I can do anything my big sister Olivia can! [Dad’s note: Not exactly correct, but she tries.] Olivia can talk, and so can I. Olivia can run and jump and dance and play soccer, and I can too. When Olivia and I are in the car we tell knock-knock jokes to keep ourselves amused. And we are amused. Somehow daddy does not laugh at my knock-knock jokes but he does have a grin on his face anyway. I think he really is giggling, but silently so as not to encourage us to continue too long.

22 June 2008

 I love blueberries

I love eating! I make no excuses and if the food is good I will have more than my fair share if I am allowed. When I eat blueberries I can gobble them down as fast as anyone; Just ask my big sister Olivia. When she started placing three and four berries in her mouth at a time, so did I. There’s no chance I want to let someone else get more than I!

 I finally gave in and let mom and dad know I understand sign language

There is just one catch to this whole blueberry love-in—there are never enough! That said, I still prefer raspberries to blueberries and will always eat those lucious red ones first when given the choice. And when the berries run out? I finally let mom and dad know that I can do sign language too. I asked for extra berries by signing more for them. They were so proud!

10 May 2008

 My first birthday party involved a homemade cake with homemade icing

I turn one year old this coming Monday. With my family around me I got to enjoy a great afternoon of partying with no naps in between. It was great!

Now, you ought to know that I love eating, but even more I love eating tasty new things… like cake! And eat it I did; I was served a piece as large as all the grown-ups. I was not going to let any of them show me up when it came time to eating birthday cake.

Thanks to all who came to share my day with me and I hope we can get together again soon. The next time we meet I will show you how well I can walk! I only take a few short steps in a row yet, but I have a feeling I will be practicing tomorrow to try and wear off a little of this cake.

13 March 2008

 I am feeding myself with a bottle now; no more waiting around!

My parents have been trying to get me to hold my own bottle so I can become a little more independent; Can you believe that? I’m no dummy and I am pretty sure I got the technique down a few weeks ago, but I wouldn’t let mommy and daddy see it! I’ve been living it up for so many months, why change now?

Well I finally let it slip that I know what I’m doing with a bottle, and now I am being encouraged to feed myself even more than I used to. Still, I suppose there are benefits to this skill; I can get a drink for myself whenever I want. In the past, I have waited and cried and waited some more for someone to realize that I’m saying thirsty! So while my arm gets tired, in the end I guess it is better this way.

31 December 2007

I love playing with my big sister Olivia, but when she is not around I enjoy myself in other ways, too. I have learned to crawl and I am beginning to climb! I also have an affinity for standing and as you can see in the movie, I can get there all by myself now.

You can watch this movie of me on your iPod by downloading the .m4v (QuickTime) file.

11 December 2007

 I can sit up by myself and even pull myself into a kneeling position

I love to explore now that I can crawl. When I find things that intrigue me I can pull myself up into a kneeling position if there is something to hold on to. I can also balance myself very well in a sitting position so that I can play with my toys better. I discovered tonight that I am still having difficulty feeding myself, but thankfully mommy and daddy are always there to help me fill my belly. Can you spot my two teeth?

02 December 2007

Just before the end of November I started on my way to locomotion. Mommy says I crawled for about four steps then resorted to my army crawl technique. Now I can go wherever I may wish—I think I’m getting the knack of this crawling thing after all! Sometimes I will stop midway for a rest and wave to my fans; Mostly I am on a mission to reach that toy!

You can watch me on your iPod (or in any QuickTime player) by downloading the .m4v (QuickTime) file.

19 November 2007

 I can almost crawl

I am getting pretty good at moving myself around to the places I wish. I cannot crawl on all-fours yet but I am so close, I can feel it! Mommy and Daddy keep trying to get me to go a little bit further but all I have managed is two consecutive movements in the proper fashion. On the bright side, I can sit up by myself now for quite a long time. Mommy still has to help me get into a sitting position, but my balance impresses her, I know!

24 October 2007

 mommy fed me rice cereal and I enjoyed it immensely

Mommy has started me on solid food in the form of rice cereal. I really enjoy eating it, and it keeps me filled longer also. Daddy laughs when I eat it because after every spoonful I have to stick my thumb in my mouth! As you can see in the picture, it can get pretty messy at meal time.

4 October 2007

 I am almost five months old

I enjoy going to yoga class with mommy each week. I don’t want to brag or anything, but I have been at this yoga thing only a few weeks and I am already much more flexible than mommy!

One of the things I started to do in yoga class is roll over from my tummy to my back. I have for a while rolled the other way, but now I am adept at both!

29 August 2007

 I need to grab this toy

Daddy brings me toys to play with on occasion and I enjoy learning what they do and what I can do with them. I often drop them but now I can reach for them on my own and sometimes pick them up again without assistance.

28 July 2007

 I found my reflection quite fascinating

I was offered the chance to see myself in a mirror today and I found myself very entertaining. I can see now why people giggle and smile when they see me; I am a lot of fun!

19 July 2007

 I am beginning to take notice and have fun with toys offered to me

As you may notice from the movie below I am liking the idea of toys. They seem a bit strange but now I know I can have a lot of fun with them.

You can watch this movie of me in full resolution by downloading the .mov (QuickTime) file.

My big sister Olivia had me kicking some toys around last night. I am not quite that coordinated though, you see, and so she was grabbing hold of my legs and showing me how I could do it for myself in the near future. In the movie I am enjoying mum’s idea of how toys can be fun, too.

11 July 2007

 I can smile to show I am happy

My days are still pretty simple but I enjoy myself. Here Daddy holds me up for a photo and since I am happy I give a little grin for the camera. I often grin and curl up when I am tickled, too.

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