wild flowers as depicted in a wall mural

12 September 2009

 My first taste of cotton candy gave me mixed feelings on the stuff

We went to the Greek Festival this weekend and ate some good food, listened to some dancing music and played in big air-filled jumpers. It was all a good bit of fun, then my big sister Olivia wanted some cotton candy. She shared some with me but I don’t like it. It tasted fine, but the texture is all wrong. Who invented this stuff, anyway?

02 September 2009

 We all went to Lakeside Park and rode swings and the carousel

For mommy’s birthday we went to Lakeside Park and rode the carousel and played on the playground. Uncle Rob pushed Olivia and me on the swings until we were as high as the clouds!

22 August 2009

 I get to hold my little brother Liam whenever I want to

A week ago a stork landed on our front lawn. It was the strangest thing I ever did see! Okay, that’s not true. Two days ago I saw a turkey on someone’s front lawn as we were driving home from the grocery store. Now that is true, and that was a strange sight, considering we live in the city.

The stork meanwhile dropped off a little brother for me to love and to hold. Mommy and Daddy call him Liam. Sometimes I call him my baby sister, and refer to him as if he were a she. I know he’s my brother—I just do it to get mom’s goat. So here I am holding him and smiling with my tongue hanging out just because I can. People always want perfect pictures with nice smiles, but I want to be remembered fully-completely, so here ya go!

03 July 2009

 My first ride in a canoe was a bit scary, but I think I liked it

I don’t wanna go in the boat, Daddy. I told him that yesterday. But Olivia went in the boat; twice. So I did want to go in the boat. Then it looked too scary, so I did not want to go in the boat. When Olivia went in the boat a third time, I wanted to go in the boat.

I went. It was rocking, and the rain and wind came. Even though we stayed close to shore I was not smiling. I told Daddy I had fun, so maybe I will have fun in the boat next time too.

19 March 2009

 My first live performance was Disney on Ice

I missed out on the Doodlebops with my big sister Olivia, but this time we all went to see Disney on Ice. You may have noticed from my expression that I found it fascinating!

14 June 2008

 Olivia and I are walking up the path toward General Brock's monument

My first wedding experience after I could walk, so Uncle Rob put me and my big sister Olivia to use as flower girls for his wedding. It really was a fantastic day, with many new things to see, taste and experience.

 I tried an Easter radish amuse bouche at Uncle Rob's wedding

The wedding meal began with this Easter radish amuse-bouche. I did not mind its flavour but it was a little difficult for me to eat due to my lack of molars at this stage.

 Do you like my dress and flowers?

My Uncle Rob carried me down the stairs as his flower girl beside my big sister Olivia. Aren’t the flowers pretty?

23 March 2008

 easter eggs abound and I want to get me some

For my next trick, I’ll attempt to snatch some of these Easter treats from this table without mummy or daddy knowing! Don’t tell them, okay?

13 January 2008

 my first attempt at climbing the stairs

I surprised mommy and daddy tonight when I climbed atop the landing at the bottom of the stairs. Then I went for it all when I proceeded to climb some of the stairs, too! I did get tired after a dozen or so, but I really enjoyed the view through the railing.

31 October 2007

 I was a lobster for hallowe'en

I went out with my cousins Alyssa and Mitchell and sister Olivia for my first ever Hallowed Evening. I got lots of awed expressions and a few people took pictures of me in my lobster costume. Mommy made it for me, and Daddy has this rather large stock pot he stuffed me into for added effect.

 I travelled in a stock pot as a Halloween lobster

Some of the houses we visited put candies into my pot, or salty snacks like small bags of chips. It was a good evening out; Even though I did stay up well past my normal bed time, I did not really feel all that tired or anxious until just near the end. Boy, did I sleep well that night!

1 October 2007

 I am in no mood to be placed into a model turtle egg shell

I really enjoyed our trip to the Toronto Zoo today! Okay, so you maybe can’t tell from this photo where mommy placed me into a large sculptured shell of a turtle egg; At this point I just wasn’t in the mood yet!

 Here I am in better spirits beside the gorilla cage and wearing daddy's hat

So you can see that I really did enjoy my trip. Here we were watching the gorillas in their outside enclosure, and when daddy put his hat on me I gave him some great smiles for his camera. Love ya, pops!

17 September 2007

 mum put me under this giant flower in our yard

Mommy put me in the grass today to admire this sunflower which grows in our front flower garden. Did I mention I do not like to lay in the grass? I find it strange and prickly and I think this is the only photo of me under the sunflower where you can almost pretend I am enjoying the view!

22 August 2007

 my big sister Olivia and me in our tent during our camping trip

Borrowing a tent large enough to sleep me in my playpen, and mommy, daddy and my sister Olivia proved to work out well for our camping trip to Turkey Point Provincial Park. I slept on the big air mattress for my daytime naps and Olivia would come over and keep me company when I awoke.

22 July 2007

 I can't drive and I needed a break at the car show

Olivia and I accompanied mom and dad, gandma and grandpa to a car show at Reif Estate Winery in Niagara-on-the-lake. As you can see, I took in all I could, then I needed a rest. There is only so much of cars one can take when actually getting to drive one is at least 16 years away!

7 July 2007

 family friend Mimi's wedding was a fantastic celebration

At the wedding of Ian and Mimi I experienced sights and sounds unlike any others! It was a great celebration and everyone had a lot of fun. Of course Mommy and Daddy were keen to introduce me to a lot of people, and I didn’t mind.

14 June 2007

 I don't know who this tony stewart is, but I met him

While Olivia mostly just stared at all the commotion, I got right in there and met the one and only Tony Stewart! I was star-struck and just couldn’t figure out what to say. Tony thought I was cute… Back at ya, big boy!

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